Strengthen talent base, increase retention, and promote wellness.

With Clearwater Business, you have access to the best possible health benefits for your workforce. You’ll see real benefits to your business in return.

Quality Benefits for Companies of all sizes

Your organization now has access to some of the most innovative plans on the market and dedicated consultants who provide insight, education, and solutions regardless of your company’s size. See below to understand where your organization fits


Companies in this space (2-25 employees) bring so much value to the economy, and finding quality benefits at an affordable price is a well-known struggle.  Without a dedicated HR department, this can lead to bandwidth issues from leaders in the company who take on this task.

Clearwater Business uses a highly innovative healthshare that can save employers up to $4,000 per employee per year! Some other benefits include: 

  • Nationwide PPO network and low-cost co-pays for doctors, diagnostics, and prescriptions.
  • Free Telemedicine 
  • 60-80% savings on out-of-pocket expenses. 
  •  Virtual mental health solution for employees.

With Clearwater, you’ll have dedicated consultants who will guide your leaders through this process, acting as your very own 3rd party benefits coordinator. 

Save Time.  Save Money.  Attract top talent. 


Small-midsize companies (25 - 1000 employees) have the same goals as micro-sized enterprises when it comes to attracting quality talent, but as these entities grow to scale, cost containment year over year becomes a larger point of emphasis. 

Clearwater Business opens its product offerings significantly in this space. 

Companies of this size can contain costs, both through our healthshare option and our Major Medical plans. Clearwater’s Major Medical options manage to provide a 15-20% reduction in premiums compared to the major carriers in the market today. Furthermore, companies can contain their cost's year over year on this plan without the 15-20% increases businesses incur upon renewal. 

Our Major Medical options also offer: 

  • Several plan options for employees to choose from
  • Nationwide PPO network
  • A ZERO cost option when employees partner with Care Coordination, a free service that finds lower cost facilities and high outcome providers for members to see.  
  • Free Telemedicine
  • Virtual mental health solutions along with benefits for in-person mental health

With Clearwater, you’ll receive bespoke solutions for your company’s needs along with the guidance to help employers save time, money, and retain talent.


Bespoke Solutions

Clearwater’s bespoke solutions come from years of experience in the health insurance industry. As an advocate for businesses of all sizes, we aim to eliminate the burden that health insurance has been for organizations. 

We hear the struggles companies face, and our innovative solutions are designed to disrupt the industry with higher quality benefits at an affordable price with little lift from your team.

We put all the pieces together

We are our own search engine, broker, and third-party administrator (TPA), offering Major Medical insurance plans and health share memberships you can’t find anywhere else.

This has allowed us to create a single, cohesive system that offers significantly better customer service, innovative plans, and better pricing.

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Your benefits just got a whole lot better!

It’s now easier to offer your team the best healthcare benefits that support them and your bottom line.

Here’s what we do:

Custom plan

We create a custom, bespoke offering based on your exact needs.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing, industry-leading support for your organization and workforce. 

Here’s how you benefit (from your new benefits):

Healthy workforce

The fastest way to create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Improved performance

Improved recruitment, retention, and engagement. With $0 cost to you.

More time for you

The ability to focus your attention back on building your company, knowing we’ve got you covered.

Healthcare benefits worth talking about.

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